Free Vacations Anyone?

Free Vacations Anyone? Heck yeah!!! Vacation rentals is such an awesome idea. I wish I would have figured this out earlier. You take travel and real estate, 2 industries that are extremely popular and you basically combine them together. That’s pretty cool! You get to own real estate in a highly frequented travel destination and if done right then you also get to pay down the mortgage, earn some extra cash flow, and….. this is the best part…. Vacation For FREEEEEE!!!!!! It doesn’t get any better than that! Who’s with me on this?

Who is doing this right now? please leave a comment below and let me know these 3 things:

1. What are you are in?
2. What price your place would cost (real estate)?
3. What gross rents you are receiving right now?

Talk Soon,

Your Free Vacation Specialist!



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